For months the Verso Foundation, together with a creative and organizational team (led by Francesca Barbagli) has been at work on the Conference: “THE ELEPHANT DIALOGUES”. Monday 4 February 2019 will see a new summit at La Certosa di Firenze with: Francesca Barbagli, Marco Montanari, Patrizia Menichelli, Fernando Maraghini, Mauro Forte and his team.   […]

Santa Rosa de Cuevo\Bolivia\2016   At Santa Rosa de Cuevo, Andrea Bocconi, psychotherapist and writer, held a workshop in autobiographical writing on the theme of identity:  retrieving the past and creating a future. In two classes made up of young students, he offered Psychosynthesis exercises in self-knowledge and the mastery over difficult emotions: anxiety at […]

Burkina Faso How do you create a school without the school? Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world with a 70% illiteracy rate. How do you teach reading and writing when there are no schools and the people have trouble getting a daily meal? The Cité des Sciences has adopted a […]

LUCCA The Volunteers’ Association of Lucca Prison and the Elianta Association, have asked Verso Foundation workers to hold a training course in autobiography. After taking a course with Andrea Bocconi, the participants, proposed that the autobiographical writing group be included in the prison institution and other spheres, such as Associations, Health Care, etc. … Many […]

The Verso Foundation has carried out Project Alice in Sarnath ( with training in Psychosynthesis and autobiographical Writing.   “To develop your awareness, follow the White Rabbit!”   Project Alice is a non government organization (NGO) recognized by the Indian government, registered in September 1994 at Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) as Awakening Special Universal Education, with […]

Nicaragua The Los Quinchos project, begun in 1991 in Nicaragua by the Italian Zelinda Roccia, takes in children and street kids, who are abandoned and maltreated, or who have run away from poor or broken families, with the aim of protecting them from violence and exploitation. It offers them the chance for a serene childhood, […]

FIRENZE “ There is a basic disproportion and lack in our culture: modern human beings are admirably able to use natural forces, yet in general do not bother to explore their own inner world and to gain what is most intimate and vital in their own soul”. Roberto Assagioli For the Verso Foundation the encounter […]

Assagioli was a great believer in education and inspired many teachers who were drawn to Psychosynthesis. In 2016 Verso made a bet: let’s organize an atypical conference, not with presentations by experts, but with much sharing of ideas and reflecting on education. Would we find 25 teachers who would pay their own way, receive no […]

AREZZO The Verso Foundation wanted to create a community of young people capable of growing, planning, and constantly renewing themselves, well anchored in the place to which they belong yet with a vision that’s open to the world. The Urban Creativity Lab of Arezzo is the training and experiential incubator supported by the Foundation. The […]