The Volunteers’ Association of Lucca Prison and the Elianta Association, have asked Verso Foundation workers to hold a training course in autobiography. After taking a course with Andrea Bocconi, the participants, proposed that the autobiographical writing group be included in the prison institution and other spheres, such as Associations, Health Care, etc. … Many journeys of exploration were suggested to give voice to the various souls that dwell in us, to what we know and what we imagine about ourselves: from the “Area of suffering”/areas of difficulty, to the “Area of wellbeing”, meant as an expression of the situations we hold dearest, friendship, love. From there it went on to the “Exploration of time”, which involved delving into memory, bringing awareness to the present moment, dreaming about the future, and also to the “Exploration of Space”, in order to investigate the spaces we inhabit, starting with our body. ‘Writing to escape” is a project that will continue in time, with supervision and follow-up.

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