FIRENZE “ There is a basic disproportion and lack in our culture: modern human beings are admirably able to use natural forces, yet in general do not bother to explore their own inner world and to gain what is most intimate and vital in their own soul”. Roberto Assagioli For the Verso Foundation the encounter […]

Assagioli was a great believer in education and inspired many teachers who were drawn to Psychosynthesis. In 2016 Verso made a bet: let’s organize an atypical conference, not with presentations by experts, but with much sharing of ideas and reflecting on education. Would we find 25 teachers who would pay their own way, receive no […]

AREZZO The Verso Foundation wanted to create a community of young people capable of growing, planning, and constantly renewing themselves, well anchored in the place to which they belong yet with a vision that’s open to the world. The Urban Creativity Lab of Arezzo is the training and experiential incubator supported by the Foundation. The […]