“ There is a basic disproportion and lack in our culture: modern human beings are admirably able to use natural forces, yet in general do not bother to explore their own inner world and to gain what is most intimate and vital in their own soul”.
Roberto Assagioli

For the Verso Foundation the encounter with the great spiritual traditions is an occasion, an invitation to the journey towards our inner centre and towards a depth that’s able to nourish our life. The essence of all of them reflects the same light; the differences between their approaches allows us to discover the way that most inspires us.


With the guidance of high profile experts capable of treating the theoretical and historical, as well as the experiential aspects, we have explored and shall continue to explore the visions of the world suggested by each tradition, while observing the light they throw on the basic themes of our life. For this purpose Verso Foundation has organized, and will organize in future, workshops for the deepening and the application of meditation.