Assagioli was a great believer in education and inspired many teachers who were drawn to Psychosynthesis. In 2016 Verso made a bet: let’s organize an atypical conference, not with presentations by experts, but with much sharing of ideas and reflecting on education. Would we find 25 teachers who would pay their own way, receive no credits, and make a contribution? We launched “The General State of Education” in Florence, and were stunned by the response. We had to close enrolments at 60 places, with educators who came from all over Italy: Palermo to Bolzano.

One of the strongest ideas was to arrange blocks of discussion linked to the age group addressed by the educators, whatever their field: teachers from primary school through to university, yoga teachers, trainers in business, etc. At the end of the conference we suggested a training model, which we decided to put into practice with a minimum of eight participants. We got twenty, and started the first two modules. In the third, which we will hold in November in Florence, we shall propose that people already expert in Psychosynthesis (trainers at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, members of the Italian Society of Psychotherapeutic Psychosynthesis, Schools of Psychosynthesis Counselling, etc.) become promoters of the courses in their actual localities. Verso can furnish external support, such as supervision, elaboration of the model, and if requested, trainers themselves.

One refresher course has been requested by the psycho-educational and linguistic high school Vittorio Colonna in Arezzo. We suggested five meetings on the relationship between teachers and adolescents, and placed at the centre the figure of educator, using Psychosynthesis, and more besides; this was a compulsory refresher course, yet after some initial perplexity, the teachers appreciated this mode of theoretical experiential work, and have asked for more courses.

The dream is to reach all the provincial main towns, and to spread the vision and methods of educational Psychosynthesis. To this end we have published a small manual, “Psychosynthesis for Educators”, to be updated bit by bit, and to include the story of many experiences, in Italy and abroad, that we deem should become known.


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