For months the Verso Foundation, together with a creative and organizational team (led by Francesca Barbagli) has been at work on the Conference: “THE ELEPHANT DIALOGUES”. Monday 4 February 2019 will see a new summit at La Certosa di Firenze with: Francesca Barbagli, Marco Montanari, Patrizia Menichelli, Fernando Maraghini, Mauro Forte and his team.


The Elephant Dialogues are a multidisciplinary method of study and investigation that can be applied to all the most important questions of today. The final event (18\19 May) will simultaneously be a conference, a laboratory, and a performing space: the audience will be called to participate actively, thanks to an environment structured to produce an immersion experience. The aim is to offer high-level reflection and comparison on the chosen theme, and at the same time to encourage in the participants a broadening of awareness that may be translated into concrete action in everyday and professional life.

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