Santa Rosa de Cuevo\Bolivia\2016   At Santa Rosa de Cuevo, Andrea Bocconi, psychotherapist and writer, held a workshop in autobiographical writing on the theme of identity:  retrieving the past and creating a future. In two classes made up of young students, he offered Psychosynthesis exercises in self-knowledge and the mastery over difficult emotions: anxiety at […]

Burkina Faso How do you create a school without the school? Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world with a 70% illiteracy rate. How do you teach reading and writing when there are no schools and the people have trouble getting a daily meal? The Cité des Sciences has adopted a […]

LUCCA The Volunteers’ Association of Lucca Prison and the Elianta Association, have asked Verso Foundation workers to hold a training course in autobiography. After taking a course with Andrea Bocconi, the participants, proposed that the autobiographical writing group be included in the prison institution and other spheres, such as Associations, Health Care, etc. … Many […]