Who We Are

Verso Foundation is an organization that takes strength and inspiration from travel, experiences of daily life, art and beauty, and all that goes “beyond”. Our sources of inspiration are many, but one in particular unites us: the psychological stream of Psychosynthesis, founded by Roberto Assagioli. With him, we believe that: “to educate does not mean to fill minds with extraneous material, but to kindle the inner fire present in everyone”.

Assagioli was a scholar who went against the stream. He saw in human beings the importance of the inner, spiritual aspect, and included it in his map of the psyche to the point of raising it to the fundamental aspect of the human being. Acknowledging this part of us opens possibilities of a new tolerance, education and consciousness, and allows us to connect with people in any country and of any social and cultural stratum. Psychosynthesis activities are carried out in sixty countries.

Verso Association was created in 2006 by a group of friends with different skills, all interested in the field of education and all sharing a view of education that is directed at the person’s wholeness.

We believe in the harmonious development of the personality, and of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the person within his or her community. The educational projects that Association Verso has created or supported have taken us to Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and of course Italy. In these places Association Verso tries to contribute to the training of children, young people, and educators, developing and enhancing their knowledge both of the inner world and of the external world, thus making individuals amply aware of their potentialities.

Education is the great engine of personal development… Not what is given us, but the capacity to enhance as far as possible what we have and what distinguishes one person from another.
Nelson Mandela


Administrative board:

  • Franca Fabbri – President;
  • Micaela Badiali – Vice-President;
  • Doriano Demi – Board member

Comitato Scientifico:

  • Franca Fabbri – President of the Scientific Committee;
  • Francesca Barbagli -Coordinator of the Scientific Committee;
  • Andrea Bocconi – member of the Scientific Committee;