Creative Writing Workshop In Bolivia

A project at the Santa Rosa Art and Music Festival


An autobiographical writing workshop on the theme of identity: retrieving the past and creating the future. Bolivia, Santa Rosa de Cuevo, 2016.


Andrea Bocconi held the workshop for two classes of young students, providing them with Psychosynthesis exercises in self-knowledge and mastering difficult emotions. After all, anxiety at school is a universal phenomenon!

The students who took part in the autobiographical writing workshop then exhibited their work at the Santa Rosa Art and Music Festival, through sculptures, pictures and installations. They decorated their papers too, with extraordinary finesse – the writing became a visual work of art in itself.

At the festival, international artists worked for three weeks at the ancient monastery above the village, creating works that would remain there. Children, students, and later even the elderly were all involved in their creative process, teaching and showing that art can be made with anything, anywhere. This is the mission of the Santa Rosa de Cuevo Art and Music Festival.

The Verso Foundation wishes to provide high-quality education to the disadvantaged. To fulfil this objective, we must first be willing to learn from the richness of the culture which we are operating within, and have a humble attitude that is ready to exchange ideas. Rather than imparting education, we seek to reciprocally enrich both cultures, blending them and sharing them. If we were to return without having learned anything, then it would have been better to stay at home.

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