The Elephant

One reality, multiple visions

One reality, multiple visions. The Elephant Dialogues are intended to bring together different points of view about a given phenomenon, and provide increased awareness.

Arts, science, humanities and individual experiences are brought together on the same stage, like nodes connecting a network. They feature discussions which can increase the breadth of our vision, because a single point of view cannot explain the complex reality that we live in.. A variety of perspectives and disciplines can give us a more comprehensive understanding of ourselves, of others and of the world.

The first edition of The Elephant Dialogues ran before the pandemic, in 2019. Back then, the discussion centred around a series of questions surrounding the idea of Care: an instinctive or deliberate relationship? Interested or disinterested? Can it be taught and developed? What is its true essence? Answering these and many other questions is still urgent and relevant today, for individuals and for society.

Participating in the first edition as speakers were Luigina Mortari with a talk on “Care. The essential gesture of being there”; Luciano Balbo with a talk on “Caring for wealth”; Piero Ferrucci with a talk on “An ancient solution to the problems of the future”; Corrado Pensa with a talk on “Meditation to care for oneself”; Andrea Bocconi with a talk on “Caring for education”; and Wolfgang Fasser with a talk on “Walking opens the way”.

Pictures of Vaiva Morkeliunaite

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